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Christmas Coffee Recipes for 2020

Christmas time is always special for everyone. If you love your coffee however, you know that this time of year is when you can sample a few different types of coffee drinks and flavours that just aren’t available at other times of the year. Whether you wish to sample what’s on offer at the various coffee shops and cafés that you frequent or you want to try your hand at making Christmas style coffees at home using some quality coffee equipment and ingredients, there are some exciting things for you to try this year. Always look for quality, whatever you choose to make or sample, and think about trying as many different flavours that bring the flavour and essence of Christmas to you.

There are a few Christmas coffee drinks that have become staple festive favourites on the circuit every year, and it can be really fun to try and make them for yourself at home. A Christmas gingerbread latte is one such drink and is probably one of the best-loved drinks of the season. It evokes the delicious taste of gingerbread, which is one of the best flavours of Christmas and when you combine it with a smooth latte it is a real treat. All you need to do is take the espresso of your choice and mix it with gingerbread syrup, add steamed milk (or your plant-based alternative of choice) and away you go.

 A Christmas mocha takes this idea and turns it up a notch, with chocolate sauce added to the bottom of the glass and the espresso of your choice and steamed milk brought together in the same way as with a regular mocha. What turns this mocha into a festive treat is the way it is finished. Take the drink and finish it with a topping of gingerbread whipped cream, and a sprinkling of crumbled gingerbread biscuits and cinnamon. As Christmas recipes go, this is pretty astounding.

Another festive favourite for you to try is Orange spiced coffee, which is a way to enhance the flavours of Christmas to your coffee without the need of additional syrup or whipped cream. Take ground coffee, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and orange zest (optional additions are orange slices to finish and a tablespoon of orange liqueur).

As much as it is a lot of fun making your own coffee at home, with these festive coffees a real favourite part of the Christmas period for many coffee lovers, it is always nice to have a cup of coffee from your favourite coffee shop or café. When a knowledgeable barista, using the best coffee equipment, machinery and coffee ingredients, makes you a Christmas coffee, it can make your day and set you up for a real festive feeling for the rest of your day. It is all part of the joy of this time of year. If you are a coffee lover, think about treating yourself this year with some delicious festive drinks, whether you make them at home or venture out to your favourite coffee shops to sample the finest your barista can offer.

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