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Dining on the seaside near Monte Carlo

If you’re visiting the French Riviera, our luxury travel magazine recommends that you don’t stay in your hotel and eat all of your meals there. Food options in Monaco range from fine dining establishments in Monte-Carlo and the principality to casual neighborhood cafes.

If you want to wow your friends with your culinary prowess this summer, this essay will show you where to start.

the Niwaki, Monaco

Elegantly constructed around a hypnotic combination of shoji ceiling and mirrors, this Japanese eatery is the perfect place to try some refined East Asian fare. Here, skilled cooks present delectable twists on old favorites, and diners may choose from an impressive menu of regal dishes. You may even have a live cooking experience next to the sushi chef, where you’ll be treated to some of the best food in the world and the highest level of personalized care. If you’re a foodie, you really must go here.

Marco Monaco’s La Rose des Ventes

Visitors and locals alike like the delicious fish sold at Marco and Maddalena’s market, which the couple often catches themselves. Here at La Rose des Vents, we use only the freshest local ingredients in a unique à la carte cuisine that mixes French and Italian traditions. The parfait, which is offered as a dessert at the restaurant, is so delicious that it will immediately become a fan-favorite. Moreover, a fine rosé wine is the ideal accompaniment to any dish. La Rose des Vents is the place to go this summer for excellent service, reasonable prices, and a relaxing ambiance.

Beaulieu-by-the-Sea: an earthly paradise

Ambrosia’s expert chef prepares homemade Italian specialties that will transport you to the Amalfi Coast of the 1970s. A bar, a massive kitchen, and a pizza oven can all be found in the spacious dining room, which also features views of the harbor. Come enjoy the distinctive and classic recipes we’ve created, complemented by the flavorful ingredients obtained from the Gusto family. Raw bream paired with a lemony olive oil and freshly ground black pepper is a delectable treat. Ambrosia’s Spaghetti is loaded to the brim with clams, mussels, shrimp, and broth, and is large enough to share. Ambrosia is a delectable alternative to any and all of your daily meals.

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