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Food Production Technology Changing The Industry

How do you go shopping for your food? Do you make a weekly menu plan and an ingredient list, then go shopping for only those items? Do you scour the classified ads for the best deal before assembling a menu? Perhaps you’ll go for a walk along the aisles until something strikes your eye.

You want cuisine that not only tastes great but is also safe to eat, whether you’re a Sunday dinner enthusiast, a vegetarian, or a capable sous-chef. Food safety is a major worry for everyone, especially as the number of major food recalls has increased in recent years. While some recalls must be handled with caution, today’s customers expect greater food quality standards.

Concerns about food safety and the risk of foodborne illness have prompted food manufacturers to respond. Many people are turning to innovative technologies to meet stringent safety, quality, and preservation requirements. High-pressure techniques, ultrasonic equipment, pulsed electric fields, ultraviolet light, and ionizing radiation are all used in these devices. These technologies can eradicate viruses and other pathogens while also prolonging the shelf life of items without the use of preservatives. Click on the links below for more information on these important technologies.

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