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Ice Cream Cups with Lid: a Delight in Design

Today, numerous manufacturers of everyone’s favorite cold treat — ice cream — prefer paper cups for ice cream rather than plastic packaging. If such cups were not reliable earlier, getting wet very quickly, the situation would have changed dramatically.

Ice cream cups are coated with polyethylene, making them suitable for liquids and foodstuffs. Whether it’s frozen yogurt, sliced fruit or vegetables, ice cream, soft ice cream, etc. The cups are made from high-quality paper from a manufacturer specializing in producing paper for cardboard packaging.

Production of reliable cups

The ice cream cups with lids are made of high-quality cellulose food cardboard, a beneficial and safe material. It contains no harmful components and substances that can worsen the product’s taste.

In addition, modern paper cups are produced following sanitary and hygienic standards. Another essential advantage of cellulose cardboard is its low thermal conductivity because thanks to this property of this material, ice cream retains its temperature, and hands do not freeze.

What are the benefits of ice cream cups?

Advantages of disposable ice cream utensils:

  • Ice cream containers vary in size.
  • The packaging design will be strikingly different from other products on the counter, providing a competitive advantage.
  • Plastic containers are extraordinarily stable and functionally durable.
  • Plastic cups are crystal clear and transparent, perfect for displaying and advertising your dessert in photography and life.
  • If companies are interested in branding packaging, then ice cream and frozen yogurt cups are great for the base of any of the designs.
  • Dome lids for dessert containers are available in two types — with and without a hole.
  • rPET plastic containers have considerable recycling potential.

The manufacturer has prepared excellent disposable ice cream utensils, which are unique in terms of the quality of the material used, design, and functionality.

With or without a lid?

Ice cream makers can make ice cream with or without a lid. Cups without a cover are mainly used by ice cream shops and companies that visit trade fairs and want to taste ice cream. Cups with tops are made from slightly thicker paper and are used by businesses that want to freeze their products and sell them to consumers in supermarkets.

Should you purchase cups?

The range of biodegradable and sustainable cups offers various special cups for ice cream. This multifunctional cup is made from certified paperboard and is naturally bleached without using chlorine. The cups have a PLA coating and are suitable for temperatures from -40 °C to 80 °C. That is why they are ideal for ice cream. Thus, smaller cups can be used very well as ice cream cups, and with the appropriate PLA dome lid, they can be made ideal for transport.

Logo cups are made of paper, so they can be used in various contexts such as corporate events, trade fairs, ice cream kiosks on the beach, and fruit desserts in restaurants. The manufacturer sets high-quality standards for ice cream cups and the printed logo and design that will characterize your packaging — the only limit is almost your imagination! Choose the cups you like and start selling delicious ice cream in custom-made packaging right now.

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