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Ido Fishman Reveals Ways to Use Wine in Cooking

Who says wine is only for drinking? Wine is actually an excellent ingredient for chefs during cooking and for good reason too. However, since it is mostly used in gourmet dishes, most people assume that it is an ingredient best left to the professionals. The good news is that you can also incorporate wine in your dishes when you are doing some cooking at home and don’t need to have the expertise of a gourmet chef. How can you use it? Ido Fishman reveals some ways it can come in handy:

  • It can be used for marinating meat

The purpose of a marinade is to impart flavor and tenderize the meat you are working with. It usually comprises of herbs, acid, oil and spices. When you decide to use win in your marinade recipe Ido Fishman suggests that you add the right amount of wine and leave plenty of time for marinating. It is best to allow it to sit overnight to cover a combination of meat, aromatic herbs and veggies, but shouldn’t be allowed to marinate for more than a few minutes where seafood is concerned.

  • Use a red wine reduction to cook your pasta

A red-wine reduction refers to a sauce that comprises of vegetables, wine, herbs, flour and butter. Making it is fairly simple and it can be used for an array of dishes. It can be a great way of finishing your pasta, as it turns it into a beautiful and deep red.

  • Make a flavorful sauce by deglazing the pan with wine

You can deglaze or moisten a pan with wine for making a sauce, according to Ido Fishman. After you have sauted your protein and removed it from the pan, you can slowly add wine and deglaze the pan. Start scraping off the browned bits that are leftover at the bottom of the pan from your meat. This creates a flavorful and fast pan sauce. You can add a fresh herb, reduce the wine and add a pat of butter to finish. Your pan sauce will be ready.

  • Use wine for braising

The act of simmering vegetables and meat in liquid within a covered pot is referred to as braising. In classic French cooking, braises are based on wine, which is reduced down in the same pan used for browning the protein. The Ido Fishman blog states that you should brown the vegetables and the meat, stir in wine and then braise for a long period of time at a low temperature for best results.

  • Wine can be used for poaching protein or vegetables

A cooking technique involving submersion of food in a liquid is called poaching and it is kept on a constant simmer. These liquids are made in advance for ensuring the acids, flavors or tannins are balanced before the protein is placed into it. According to Ido Fishman, some of the basic poaching liquids include reduced wine, stock, water, fresh herbs and aromatics.

  • It can also benefit desserts

Other than savory dishes, you can also use wine for desserts. Experts like Ido Fishman will tell you that wine is used in poaching fruits when making desserts. When the fruit is done poaching, the wine liquid is used as a sauce after being reduced down to a syrup.

  • Wine can be used for pickling veggies

A lot of people are aware that vinegar is usually used for pickling, but it is also possible to opt for wine as the pickling liquid. You can opt for white or red wine, but you should know that using red wine will turn all the vegetables you are using pink. This is something you should be prepared for.

Along with these tips, Ido Fishman suggests that you only ever use those wine for cooking that you would prefer to drink. Don’t compromise on quality or it will mess up the taste.

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