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Quest Food Management Services Building Trust With Their Customers

Quest Food Management Services continuously works to provide the best services and lets those services speak for themselves.

The global pandemic brought many businesses to a standstill. The threat of infection and the high risk of fatality associated with COVID-19 compelled people to stay away from many types of businesses.

Among these, the food industry was one of the hardest hit. During lockdowns, people became averse to going out for meals and get-together events at restaurants and hotels without risking close contact with other people.

There was also concern regarding food preparation, considering that it requires individuals to cook, set up, and serve meals. This was the dilemma that Quest Food Management Services faced at the beginning of the pandemic.

There simply were too many factors, some of which were unknown and unfamiliar, that had to be considered. The pandemic was, quite simply, unchartered territory.

Challenges for Food Service Companies

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the restaurant industry has had an estimated loss of about $200 billion. About 100,000 food and drink establishments were forced to stop operations, forcing millions of workers out of their jobs.

Quest Foods knew that while there were things they could not control, there were also approaches and strategies that they could do to solve the issues the company was facing.

Re-Training Employees

One of the top priorities of Quest Foods was the retention of employees. Due to the changes in the industry brought about by the pandemic, some employees had to be let go, but Quest Foods was adamant about keeping most employees.

First, they reviewed tasks and responsibilities to determine how the processes could be streamlined, modified, or changed.

Second, they decided on the employees assigned to these critical processes. This is to ensure that each worker was handling a job for which they were the best fit to boost performance, reduce mistakes, and maximize time.

Third, employees had to undergo training and re-training to help them understand the new processes. On-site training kept employees informed and improved their skills. It also helped identify the best employees for critical positions.

In-house safety and sanitation practices were also imposed, including daily temperature and health checks, redesigning workflows to promote social distancing, and monitoring safety protocols.

Lastly, the company ensured that employees received the best support services to help them cope mentally, emotionally, and physically at work. Times were hard, but they did not have to suffer unnecessarily.

With these approaches, Quest Foods created a work environment that took care of employees so they could perform at their best and provide the best service to our customers. Eventually, Quest Food Management Services hired even more people to boost their team.

Assuring Our Customers

Another critical component of Quest Foods’ response to the global pandemic is providing their customers with the assurance that their food was safe and prepared in sanitary conditions. With the rising cases of infection, people were justifiably worried, and their hesitance was not misplaced.

Quest Foods decided that the best approach would be to determine the safest ways to prepare and serve food based on prevailing and recommended steps by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

Changes had to be done, but they were necessary. Changes in the business model became mandatory, mainly to ensure the continuity of the business, provide safe service to clients, keep employees working, and continue providing support to suppliers.

Some of the most significant changes made included offering menu changes, grab-and-go meals, touchless cutlery dispensaries or offering individually wrapped cutlery, offering mobile ordering and cashless payment, providing contactless pick-up and delivery, and eliminating standard offerings that encouraged direct contact or close interaction, such as shared condiment stations and self-service meals such as buffets and food bars. Individually served, they also provided meals for schools and catering services.

Quest Foods also implemented stringent safety and sanitation practices. For food preparation, employees were required to wear PPE (personal protective equipment). They practiced frequent sanitation of tools, work stations, and other surfaces, particularly those that came in contact with individuals other than employees.

The company also installed physical barriers at check-out areas and signage to remind people to maintain the recommended physical distance and sanitize.

Safety as Part of Client Care

Quest Foods understands that every change they have implemented and continue to improve upon is all designed to ensure that their employees and clients are safe and cared for. This is just simply a part of their business.

The company continues to focus on improving and maintaining the quality of its food and services to build customer trust. When customers are assailed by uncertainty regarding health and safety, Quest Foods aims to be at the forefront of the industry in providing dependable food services.

If there was one thing that the pandemic has taught the company, it’s that the best way to approach a crisis is to treat it as a challenge. Quest Foods had to rethink its strategies and approaches to keep providing services.

However, their services’ components were no longer feasible due to restrictions and new requirements. Adjustments had to be made, not only in the choice of meals to be included on the menu but also in their service operations and operating schedule.

The company also had to rethink team member roles carefully and apply more stringent cleaning and sanitation practices to keep touch points and publicly-accessed spaces safe for employees and customers.

The most pressing challenge for Quest Food Management Services was regaining their clients’ trust. The company’s response was to focus on their employees first because showing them that the company was reliable was critical to getting customers to trust it.

By building trust among team members, Quest Foods created a safe work environment where employees felt safe and protected and an overall service approach that promoted customer confidence. They also ensured that communications remained open, offering employees and customers a means to provide feedback. This allowed Quest Foods to keep an eye out for potential problems and issues and readily identify solutions that meet the needs of its employees and customers.

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