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Trying BBQ Food In Kansas City: Classics To Try!

If you happen to be in Kansas City for work or pleasure, you should consider exploring the food scene here. KC is famed for its BBQ offerings, and you will find a wide range of authentic restaurants that serve the best of barbeque classics, with many having exclusive specialties. You can check for popular eateries offering BBQ near Overland Park, and in case you are confused about what to try, we have some quick ideas that may come in handy.

Grilled Pork Belly

Pork belly may not be for everyone’s taste, but it is one of the sumptuous and flavorful BBQ dishes you will ever have. Many restaurants in KC serve grilled pork belly that has been smoked to perfection, with every bite offering an incredible taste. Typically served with some sort of marmalade, or else, you could try apple slaw or something like bacon fry – do give this a try!

Salmon Filet

Before we talk of the traditional options, let’s talk fish. The classic salmon filet is made in a way that you can still enjoy the freshness of the fish, with the classic BBQ glaze. Some restaurants serve seasonal veggies or fries on the side, while others may offer something like cilantro slaw. In any case, it is a must-have.

Beef ribs

There cannot be a list about BBQ food that doesn’t include beef ribs. Many may associate this with the Tex-Mex style of grilling, popular all over Texas, but even in Missouri, you can find perfectly made beef ribs. The block of meat attached to the long bone is not just juicy, but probably the best kind of protein you can have, even on a keto diet!

Beef Brisket

If you want something to share with your friends, this is the dish to order. Sliced smoked brisket is flavorful, and the burnt ends add that right element of crisp. Served typically with the standard BBQ sauce, brisket is a safe bet at most restaurants in Kansas City, because it’s hard to go wrong.

Things to know

Many restaurants also have amazing sandwiches and burgers made from BBQ meats and patties, which are worth a try. If you are a vegetarian, you wouldn’t mind trying some of the grilled veggie options, including classics like potato salad, grilled mushrooms.

Make sure that you select a restaurant has good reviews, and since many of them have their websites these days, it is super easy to check the menu in advance.

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