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What Makes the Best Mexican Pizza?

Great Mexican pizza takes the flavors of a taco or tostada and turns it into a treat. The best recipe is packed with flavor and awesome texture combinations. Pizza is possibly one of many people’s most favorite foods. And if you are a pizza lover, you would be glad to know that there is a way to perfect on perfection and make pizza even better.

Mexico has been successful in taking on this challenge.  If you are in Mexico, you can easily grab a slice or order a pie anywhere in the country and see for yourself. But, this does not mean you must go to Mexico to get their best pizza. There are many Mexican food chains across the United States where you can order the popular pie. The following are what make the best Mexican pizza. Together with the pizza, you can order earth-shattering corn tortilla chips and mouth-watering green and red squeeze-bottle salsa.

Great-Quality Tortillas

Mexican pizza makers invest in good-quality tortillas as the foundation of their best pizza. They use super soft flour tortilla that can also be used in many ways.

Refried Beans

Pizza makers put a layer of creamy refried beans which serve as the glue that holds everything on the pie together.

Taco Meat

This mix of ground beef, taco seasoning, and onions are the main highlights of the pie. Mexican pizza chains make their own taco seasoning.

Enchilada Sauce

This pizza sauce goes on top instead of going on the bottom. It is basically made by simmering chili powder in a broth with garlic, onion, tomato sauce or paste. It is thickened with flour.


Cheese gives pizza that irresistible look and taste. To make the best Mexican pizza, freshly-grated cheese or a Mexican cheese is sprinkled over the enchilada sauce before baking the pizza.

Worcestershire Sauce and Hot Sauce

These wonder sauces can transform pizza into something you have never experienced before. They are like a flavor bomb that makes your pizza even more enjoyable. Worcestershire sauce has umami that adds life to boring crusts while the hot sauce brings the instant heat that makes Mexican pizza even more addictive.


As the Mexican pizza comes out of the oven, fresh toppings go on top of it. Toppings often include taco toppings, black olives, tomatoes, cilantro, sour cream, and avocado. You can also order your pizza with pineapple and jalapeño as pizzas are the new tacos.

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