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When to Use Self-Raising Baking Flour

Every food lover craves that tasty cake! Well, the type of flour matters when baking, and you can go for different types in the market. Self-raising flour is pretty common and is used for many baked goods. However, understanding the type of flour and when to use it avoids grave blunders. Are you starting out to bake and wondering whether to use self-raising baking flour? Here is a guide.

Self-raising flour/ when to use it

Self-raising flour contains added baking powder and some salt. It resembles all-purpose flour but contains low amounts of protein. This type of flour is a staple in most kitchens and is commonly used for Southern recipes.

As mentioned earlier, it contains baking powder hence no need to add more when baking. Moreover, it is advisable to use your flour within six months of purchase because its raising capability begins to peter out when it stays too long on the shelve.

Self-raising cake flour is best used when making beer bread, pancakes, cobbler, and biscuits. It incorporates added salt and leaveners, which saves a lot of time when baking; with this kind of flour, you don’t need different mixing containers or ingredients; it contains all of them in pre-measured proportions. It comes already mixed in various proportions to aid your cooking and enhance your baking experience.

When to use /not to use self-raising flour

Self-raising flour is best suited for recipes such as cakes and bread that require to raise beautifully. Use it for fluffy or spongy baked goods such as muffins, scones, bread, and cakes.


Self-raising flour offers many benefits, and you may be tempted to use it all the time. However, there are instances when you shouldn’t use it. For example, don’t use flour if leavening agents are required in your recipes like, baking soda or yeast. The one is the flour is usually enough, and adding more can ruin the outcome of your baked goods.

 Also, follow the recipe and don’t substitute some ingredients for the raising flour; you can only get the best outcome if you follow the steps as outlined.

Why use self-raising flour?

If you have been baking for quite some time, I believe you understand the benefit of self-raising flour in your kitchen. It is enriched with additional nutrients and contains baking powder distributed evenly in the flour.

The leavening agent makes the dough ride without adding yeast, making your work easier. If you are a beginner baker or trying out a new recipe, you are less likely to make mistakes since the flour comes pre-mixed.

Using self-rising flour ensures that your baked goods rise excellently and you enjoy a consistent rise at all times. You will also get the best quality flours in the market, and it’s easy to choose from the different brands available.


 You will get different types of flour in the market. If you love baking fluffy goods such as bread, muffins, and scones, choose the best quality self-raising flour from leading brands and take your baking experience a notch higher!

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