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Your Business Could Benefit from a Refrigerated Van: Here are Important Features to Look Out for

If you are thinking of starting a business where you will require to transport perishable goods, there is no doubt you will require a van fitted with a refrigerator. This is the only sure way of maintaining the quality of your food and the products you will be transporting. Companies like BHRV manufacturer and sell refrigerated van conversions. You can purchase one to preserve the right temperature for your perishables. However, purchasing a converted van to fit this need is not as easy as you may think. There are various features you must put into consideration. If you want to get a converted van, you can use the information below.

Before you learn how refrigerated van conversion takes place, you need to learn the different types of refrigerated vans. These are:

Chiller conversion van. This type of van is fixed with a chill refrigerator to confirm it achieves a temperature of up to 8 degrees. It is the most common type of van use to transport various perishables.

Semi-freezer conversion van. This van is perfect for frozen goods. Mostly the temperature ranges from -10 C to -15 C.

Insulation-only van. This van is just fitted with insulation properties to keep the temperature inside cool. However, these vans are not ideal for perishable goods.

Full-freezer conversion van. If you need to freeze anything, this is the perfect van to go for. The temperature can go as low as -25C.

You now have an idea of types of refrigerated vans. Now, you have part of the information you need if you want to buy one. When buying the van, you need to consider various features to ensure you get the right one. Here are important features you should put into account when purchasing refrigerated van conversion.

Types of Goods you Will be Transporting

The type of foods or perishables you will need transporting will affect your choice. This takes you back to the different types of refrigerated van conversions. If you are transporting non-perishables or products that do not spoil quickly, then an insulation-only van may be perfect for you. However, if you will need deep freezing for delicate products, you will have to choose between chilled, semi-freezer, or full freezer van conversions.

Space Available

When considering the conversion, ensure there is enough storage for the products you will be transporting. Ensure it is fitted with the fixtures you will need to store the products. If you will be transporting poultry or meat to your local butcheries, you may need a van with a bigger space. the point here is to have enough space to avoid congesting the products.


The temperature of the conversion will depend on the kind of goods you will be transporting. Whether it’s drugs, food, or flowers, the refrigerated van must have a way of controlling the temperature to fit your need. Make sure you can adjust the temperature depending on what you are transporting at that time.

The Take-Away

A refrigerated van conversion modified to fit your needs is a perfect choice for your business. When buying the conversion, make sure the refrigerator is well-fitted, and there is insulation. Make sure you purchase your refrigerated van conversion from a company that is well-reputed.

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